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Hutchison Ports 50th Anniversary Book

Celebrating their 50th anniversary where it all began in Hong Kong, Hutchison Ports wanted to create a commemorative book. Aimed at three key audiences; Customers, Governing bodies, and the General Public, this book was to document key milestones and achievements of the company over the years.


Rather than create an inward-looking retrospective that spoke the industry language of cranes, quay expansions, ship sizes and container movements, this pitch concept aimed to demonstrate the role the port has played in building Hong Kong its self, literally, economically and culturally. This story would be told through objects, images and artefacts that had been packed into a container and then unpacked in a warehouse, laid out and photographed to make up the spreads of the book. This container and it's contents would have then been used as a touring exhibit.



Responsible for:

Concept, Design and art direction.

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